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Solar Panel Installation

Installing Solar Panels for Homes and Businesses Throughout New Jersey

Solar Panel Installation
As our technological world continues to advance, we all find ourselves using more energy every year. If skyrocketing utility bills are eating into your personal or corporate budget, you could cut down on electricity usage. What can you do if that isn’t enough? Thanks to advances in photovoltaic cell technology, many people have turned to the sun as a source of free power in recent years, and it has never been easier to upgrade. Byrnes Electric, Inc has more than two decades of experience serving residential and commercial customers throughout New Jersey, and you can trust us for professional solar panel installation at your home or office.

The Science of Energy Savings

When you have an electrical contractor install solar panels on the roof of your building, you’re taking advantage of a process that plants have used to create energy for billions of years. When photons from light interact with other atoms, the collision knocks electrons free to create a flow of electricity. As this process repeats itself in the charged silicon layers of photovoltaic cells, the output is channeled into your building’s electric distribution system to provide power for lights, computers and other devices. It might even be possible to send surplus back up the line so you have no electrical bill at all.

Serving Residential and Commercial Properties in the Mount Olive Area

If you’ve finally had enough of rising electricity costs for your building in New Jersey, contact Byrnes Electric, Inc so you can turn to the sun for some free energy. To schedule an appointment with one of our installation technicians or to inquire about service or replacement of other components, call 973-347-6937 today to reach us at our Mount Olive office.